About me

A strategic website designer who is ready to refresh your brand image

Hi! My name is Živilė Subačienė (or you can just call me Zee)

I’m a web designer and I’m passionate to help other business owners to succeed

It all started when I met a business owner who was not happy with his business's online presence. I saw how painful it was to have a website but feel too ashamed to share it with others.

I was doing bachelor's degree in computer science and was still building my skills, I offered to redesign his website. This is how my career as a web designer began 6 years ago.

Ever since I have been amazed by how much confidence a new visual look can bring. I admire how motivated and proud a team can be after relaunching their business website.

Your website is one of the biggest business growth tools. And my goal is to make you in love with it so you can’t help yourself but share it with others!

Some facts about me

Businesses I work with

Since 2016 I’ve served 60+ clients, such as consultants, coaches, industry experts, international organisations and small business owners.

Where I’m based in

Originally from Lithuania, currently I live in Switzerland. Location independent lifestyle lets me help clients from all over the world.

Favourite things

Hiking, snowboarding, reading, eating delicious Sunday pancakes and spending my summer mornings by the Lithuanian lakes are the things I love the most during my off-screen time.

What can you expect from working with me

Strategic thinking

Your business goals and your ideal client is a top priority for me while making any design decisions.


You are the one who knows your business the best. So here I am listening to your needs and being your guide on the side instead of making decisions by myself.


My in depth design process helps to translate your vision into visuals without a bunch of revisions.

Learn more about my services

“Website development was very clear time and workflow-wise. I admire Zee’s professionalism, responsibility and hearing out my needs.I’m very happy with an end result – it all felt like it was done specifically for me down to the smallest details.

Kristina Dambrauskienė
Digital marketing and communication specialist

Webinars & workshops

I’m passionate to share my knowledge and experience with those who are interested in business growth tools like website and visual design.

I host webinars and workshops on these or other related topics:
– What are the signs that your business website is ready for a redesign?
– How to build an effective website that is not only beautiful but also helps reach business goals?
– Biggest website redesign mistakes every businesses should avoid.


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